Wednesday, May 11, 2011

21st Century Luxury: Natural Fibers

After the 90s there was a back lash towards synthetic fabrics, and a return to natural fibers such as linen, silk and cashmere, by the mid noughties natural fibers had infiltrated the market with cashmere jumpers appearing in high street stores like M&S and muji, natural fibers have become a sign of quality and luxury, but in the past few years there has been a return by some poignant labels to synthetic fabrics, with names like Giorgio Armani releasing statements before fashion shows about his open use and encouragement of modern synthetics. even designers like Lanvin have in the past used pure synthetics in order to have new and bold fabrics, however the use of natural fibers on the high street, have over stretched the amount the world can produce, meaning that fibers such as chasmere have jumped in price, leading to more and more “mixed fibers” on the market place. Even the increase in natural disasters threw global warming have effected the available stock, such as the devastating floods in pakistan which has impacted the cotton producing industry, and forcing the market price higher, synthetics have now reached a point where there quality and feel make them appropriate for both high and low end areas of the market, whilst the limit in supply of natural fibers threw bad farming and the natural limit on production will make fibers like cotton, wool, cashmere and silk a natural rarity and luxury in the future

an over farmed cashmere farm

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