Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21st Century Luxury: Privacy

The significant development and increasing importance of social networking encourages the free-flow of information and blurs the limit between the private and public domain. Websites such as Facebook allow for the online publication of millions of profiles, and stores every single bit of information that one has ever uploaded on their account. Even if a user ‘deletes’ an entry, it is permanently stored in the Website’s databases. Consequently, the user loses control over their very own, private information, as whatever is uploaded online becomes the Website’s property. It follows that social networking will gradually acquire our information like one acquires a commodity. Moreover, the complex legal structures and privacy settings cause users to unknowingly operate and publish their information. Thus, as one becomes increasingly aware of these issues, it is likely that we will strive to protect and preserve our privacy.

By: Flora Gn.

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