Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21st Century Luxury : Nature

By Stefanie Fagerberg

In our day and age of rapid urbanization and exponential growth in terms of population, technological prowess and architectural constructions, our natural world is becoming more and more damaged by modernity. Nature and fresh unpolluted air are increasingly scarce and smaller percentages of the world have access to them. Moreover, as the wealthiest tend to concentrate in urban areas, access to genuine nature and a possibility of escape from modernity will become a luxury in the 21st century. It will cost money and time to be able to bring your children to experience authentic nature and not simply bring them to a small park in the middle of concrete jungles. Clean oxygen too will become luxurious. More people than ever will start to take better care of their bodies and search for cleansing and organic foods, drinks and soon, air. In this case, something that was for so long abundant and taken for granted will now become luxurious due to its newfound scarcity.

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