Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21st Century Luxury: Aircruise- first floating hotel

The Aircruise, is a conceptual work created by the British innovation company Semourpowell. It is not only a very special luxury hotel of the future but also a transportation means. In otherwords, it is a floating hotel. Powered by natural energy, it brings passengers from point A to B. Although its slower than an airplane, with a 37 hours flight from London to New-York, the Aircruise offers a different manner of traveling. Because of the floating hotel's gigantic size and its policy to transport only a handful passengers, the Aircruise offers the luxury goods from the future to its guests: time and space. With a rapidly increasing world population, space is already rare today, especially in cities like Tokyo or Paris. Time, on the other hand is also becoming more and more a luxury: although we have worked less and less over the last century, we still feel more and more stressed. The Aircruise creates therefore a new approach to the luxurious environment. This may sound very futuristic but the Aircruise could already be realized by the year 2015 thanks to all the technical specifications which have been made. Maybe not to far from now, the Aircruise will be the most luxurious example of traveling the earth friendly way.

Palden MacGamwell

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