Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Institute Dior – Paris 2011

"An Exceptional Revitalizing Moment"

“Institut Dior” opened its doors to the public in 2008 in the repudiated hotel “Plaza Athénée”. The Institute Dior is the worlds one and only, although there exist Dior cabins in the luxurious hotel El Saadi in Marrakesh and a few in rest of the world. The fact that the Plaza Athénée chose the brand Dior for its spa and vice versa, can be explained by the long dated friendship between Christian Dior and all the clientele from the Plaza Athénée Hotel since in 1947.

Their services include; sauna, steam bath, tranquility room and fitness room access. Their treatments provided apply to women and men, however women have a bunch more choices for both face and body. Some of their extra offers include a beautifying hand treatment, food treatment, waxing and makeover. Treatments can run from 30 minutes to 2 hours and range from 20 Euros to 1,200 Euros. The institute is efficiently situated on 140 m² combining all of the above possibilities for a revitalizing luxury spa experience. From the arched roof to the Dior design carpeting, the Dior Institute combines the price of luxury with and environment that treats you like one of their own. Each client is requested to fill out a questioner based on their experience, allowing the institute to better accommodate them for next visit. Weather it be a stronger massage or a different ambient music, the Dior institute tries to do what they can to ensure a unique personal luxury service.

The primary colors of the institute are the same in all Dior stores, white and grey with a hunt of pink. The colors and design styling of Dior help confirm the identity of the institute, as being one of the best in luxury. One of the design characteristics that Dior stands by is its appreciation of the past and interest in the present/future, bringing together traditional design with contemporary colors, textures and materials. This example is specifically noticeable with Dior’s Voltaire style chairs in immortal grey, which add to the highlights of the institute. The circular basin located in the center of the institute attracts one’s eyes with the luxury of an internal fountain. Hanging from above in the middle of the basin, a glass sculpture in the shape of a drop is hanging from the ceiling, imitating a drop of perfume, and again the basin reminds one of the rotunda that exists in the Dior store in Paris and in the newly opened store in Tokyo.

Within Paris the Dior institute has some competition. Ritz or the Four Seasons George V. are counted as the biggest competitors within the gamut of luxury spas available in Paris. For luxury hotels, they offer similar services but with different products. Out of the three hotels, the Ritz offers the vastest palette of services, clients can enjoy various beauty treatments, sauna, steam baths and solarium or simply relax in the immense indoor pool. The spa of the George V. on the other hand is more comparable to the Dior Spa in its size and also in its services. In a similar design as the “Institut Dior” (the Voltaire chairs are also on the display at the Four Seasons), the George V. proposes mostly beauty treatments. As in the Ritz, an indoor pool is opened in day- time for the hotel guests. On the contrary to the Dior Spa, both competing spas do not offer a special connection between a brand and their services. The Dior Institute stands alone with its unique attachments to their guests. Even though other spas offer a bigger variety of treatments, the people in charge of the Dior Spa are not worried about their competitors because they believe in the intimacy and familiar homey feel of their spa.

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