Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Luxury, Authenticity & Accessories

Above the iconic luxury goods have specific brand identities that convey authenticity. However consumers seek to personalize their goods, increasing originality as in below with Goyard and Louis Vuitton.

The seemingly original Goyard bag with monogram is a mass produced and consumed item as seen below in the documentation by Bill Cunningham.

Bringing authenticity to a hand bag can come in many forms. Above Lagerfeld S 2009 uses the face of the designer.

Above artists have created one of a kind bags as work, above Sylvie Fleury's cast Louis Vuitton, Murakami for Louis Vuitton and Tom Sach's Hermès bag. Below Judith Leiber designs limited edition Swarovski bags for the red carpet.

Below the candy colored designs of Roger Vivier for Dior, 1953-64. The time to apply beading and fringe were luxury features that set the shoes authenticity apart from others.

Above more Roger Vivier from the Dior years and below the Roger Vivier brand designed by Bruno Frisoni, S 2011.

Below left Balenciaga F 2010 and Marc Jacobs S 2008 demonstrate an original artistic vision that makes the shoes more authentic and consequently more difficult to copy.

Above the iconic Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags. The Kelly was named after Grace Kelly in 1956 and has a more rigid, formal aesthetic. The Birkin was named after Jane Birkin in 1984 and has a more relaxed, softer feel. Both bags take numerous hours of hand crafted production.

Above and below the Helmut Newton photos that put Hermès in the fashion spotlight for Vogue Paris.

Above the iconic Chanel 2.55 named after its creation in February 1955. Read about the creation of this bag here. Below Gucci's iconic bag is the Bouvier bag named after Jackie Bouvier Kennedy and at right Tom Ford's Gucci bag design of the 1990's.

Above and below Fendi has admitted to strategically using holograms inside the bags that can be detected by customs. Unfortunately the holograms are also copied. The tactic of increasing hidden aspects of authenticity is increasing as fakes become better made.

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