Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Luxe effect -Lux Pack Monaco2008

The Luxe Pack Monaco 2008 in Monte Carlo ran in the same time with TFWA show in Cannes. The enormous number of visitors and exhibitors with latest innovations bit the record of the show success.
The exhibition of Luxurious Packaging was presenting new products as well as talking about issues of Luxury, crisis and sustainable and economical solutions and also , imaginary trends. The Pan European Design Association's annual congress discussed sustainable packaging development and focussed on high tech solutions. Designer Marc Rosen proposed an idea what Glamour is in the future.
Economical situation and influence of crisis on Luxury and Luxury Packaging was dominantly discussed on the show. Exhibitors said that they were limited in producing usual quantity of products because of the economical situation in 2008. Although changes to be made, exhibitors tried and stayed positive and some considered the fact that customers did not have any changes in their business so far. “The more expensive products may be hit as what becomes more expensive becomes less affordable to consumers,”- added designer Dieter Bakic. Some of the optimistic exhibitors offered a whole concepts of the new economical packaging . Alcan promoted beauty solution- all for cosmetics and said that method is more important, then a product itself.
The other popular trend was a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and developing of materials such as bamboo ,MDF bond with organic binders , PET and 100% PCR for Virgin Packaging concepts. The attention was drawn to a recycled packaging. “Customers want new fabrics, recyclable materials – it is almost a given now. PVC is not really used at all and customers don’t really ask for this now, "- said Bringant. Words Bio and Organic were the key words of the exhibition.
Lastly, the new packaging of deodorants and creams promised to fit to a purse and be more compact, specially for brands, who needs to be recognized soon , as the market is not busy in this area yet.
The show is so special and successful , because of it's great number of creative and inspiring packaging designers and innovators.

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