Friday, March 25, 2011

3 Perspectives on Authenticity in Design

Above, clearly inauthentic communication design creates a sense of the real even though the consumer knows it is an imitation. The writer Michael Beirut explains that this somehow works for us, he defends that "Although we hunger for authenticity, it's a hard thing to invent overnight. But that doesn't stop us from trying." Read the full article here.

In this perspective the same author Beirut explains an important book Quintessence which covers a number of authentic goods that have the real thing "it factor." Items include branded goods like the Steinway piano and modern cultural goods like the Martini. Read the article here. This book was re-released in 2001, see it here.

In this point of view, author John Cantwell explains how the large Stymie Extra Bold logo on the Trump Tower was a self-made myth of authenticity. "Maybe Trump understood he was destined to exist more as an idea than a person, to be adjective and noun." Read more here.

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