Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Common Elements of Web Design in Luxury Brands

What is Luxury ? The "Bling Bling " of expensive goods or a certain lifestyle this products give to us?
Brands of Luxurious Products count on their customer and creates the web sites, that are visually promising a Luxurious lifestyle. Colors, Pictures of beautiful women and places- this all reminds us about Luxury.

The advertising playing with our mind and calling to experience the dream life we see on the picture.
Here are some similarities in the Luxurious Web sites, were noticed by the author:
1. Colors : black, white and gray;
2. Main Website area on some solid background;
3. Website working area in the middle of the page in a rectangle;
4. Menu above and below the main content, usually in small font.

In addition, most of the websites are minimalistic, decorated with a beautiful font, shows and advertise the whole concept of the lifestyle, yet very simple approach and exclusive light design. Often touched with a precise details.

Although the author does not mention red, this color is in almost every website he shows. Somewhere less, somewhere, like Cartier- red is the main color.


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