Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Luxury Lost It's Luster: New Luxury

by Diana Christe

Nowadays, luxury seems to be everywhere we go. In every big, small and far off city, luxury is overwhelming our daily lives- whether its being advertised on the walls or being sold in your nearest mall- even hotels and cars are bearing designer labels. Buying and selling luxury has become less of a unique experience and more of a business competition around the world with less and less attention to detail.

Where has the real luxury gone? Does it still exist? without including the word "mass".
In most large brands such as Louis Vuitton, the experience of buying a product is identical no matter which city you're in. It has lost uniquness and if a customer spends more than fifteen minutes selecting a shoe, the sales assistants get frustrated. There are very few luxury brands who have maintained the special treatment that is associated with luxury. However, Loubutin is one of them.

The difference between Louboutin and LV is that Louboutin is still owned by its founder, who has very little interest in the business aspect of the company. All his attention is focused on designing a beautiful pair of shoes. In fact when asked about the sales of a year, he has no idea and he refuses to put up advertisements or sell his company.

Another brand who have maintained the meaning of luxury is Daslu in Sao Paolo Brazil. Every customer is treated like royalty, but more importantly, like a friend. They have helpers guide you through the store and help you choose the best outfit for you. In Daslu there is everything from a chapel to get married, from the best fashion brands, to even car retailers. Its the experience of a lifetime, and thats what luxury should be.

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